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The 6.3 mm cutter is deliberate to allow a snug fitting 6 mm panel. Even if you found a 5.5 mm bit you would struggle to fit your ply into it. For a painted finish MDF will yield a far better finish than ply. I would look at MRMDF which I have found to be an exact 6 mm. Bring a vernier to the yard to verify before purchasing - you really can't trust quoted tolerances. From memory the depth of the rebate for these cutters is about 15 mm -- you certainly don't need a 25 mm deep cutter.
From memory the depth of the rebate for these cutters is about 15 mm -- you certainly don't need a 25 mm deep cutter.
I initially had that same error in my thinking - - I now suspect that the 25mm is the 'style' thickness.
Have you had a look at They have some panel door sets that are 6mm.

I don't know if its possible, but I wonder if you could change the bearing and groover for 5.5mm. I seem to remember one of the router bits I bought came with shims and different size bearing to dial in, and adjust the cutting depth - not a panel and door set but there are often adjustments that can be made. Again a call to Wealden might put you on the right tract.
Thanks Alli. The Wealdentools site has options, like 4mm and 6mm groove. [i wonder if 4mm board would be okay for 16" wide panels?? certainly keep the weight down :)
i'm sure this isnt a new question to be asked here, but if anyone can point me in the direction of an answer i'd appreciate it :)
i need to make 20 shutter panels using 25.5mm x 70mm timber. i'm about to order the only router cutter i've found in the UK that cuts 25mm stock, from Trend.
Question: why is it that the grooving created by all UK cutters are 6.3mm when UK Ply sizing is 5.5mm? [all timber merchants here in west wales refer to 5.5mm as 1/4" Ply ??]. Am i missing something obvious here please? as a 6.3mm groove with a 5.5 board is going to be more than a tad 'sloppy' joint.
Any ideas?
cheers, waltinwales
We had a similar problem in Canada. It is even worse here in UK as ply comes from so many places. 6.3 on 5.5 would be loose. There seem to be 5.5 mm router bits for sale on the internet with 1/4 inch shanks. I use a table saw with a stacked dado cutter and shims to try and get rabbits to match ply. Good luck.