Tool post dimensions. Your input and information is needed!

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Record Herald, new model, 1" dia, 4 1/2" stem. M33 x 3.5 thread spindle, 2MT head and tail stick. Hollow head and tail stick.

Question, stem height or height of tool rest, which are you looking for ?
Diameter of stem primarily, and maybe its legth. The idea was to see which toolrests are interchangable between models and makes if they come up for sale (cheaply :) ), or if changing lathes whether they are compatible old to new,
Record DML 305

3/4 in stem (as above)
50 mm stem length to shoulder, (60 mm would still clear the bed in lowest position)
70 mm from shoulder to working edge of the rest (on the standard 200 long rest as supplied) making total height 120 mm.

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