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For Sale Jet 3520B Lathe, Price Reduced


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Duncan A

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8 Nov 2007
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Jet 3520B Lathe
In good condition, this is an excellent, capable, solid and heavy lathe which will not take up too much room in your workshop. It has had home use only.
Dimensions: L1570 x D610 mm (head & tailstock within bed length, motor out); Weight: 325kg.
35” between centres, 20” over the bed.
The included (heavy!) 18” bed extension increases the bed length to give 48” between centres or, fitted in the lower position with the extended toolpost, allows turning of items up to 36” diameter.
1.5kW/2hp motor; two electronic variable speed ranges from 15rpm to 3,200rpm + reverse. Very easy to change belt position.
Digital speed display.
M33 x 3.5mm spindle thread; MT2 headstock and tailstock tapers.
Headstock and tailstock slide entire length of the bed.
36 position indexing.
Magnetic stop box on a long flying lead.
Comparator centres, “bomb guard”, and all original accessories.
Footmaster castors allow positioning of lathe then sitting down on the floor.

Centre above bed: 260mm or 490mm with bed extension in lower position
Centre distance: 950mm or 1410 mm with bed extension
Spindle speeds: 50-1200 rpm lower range; 150-3200 rpm upper range
Spindle thread: M33x3.5mm
Spindle & tailstock taper: MT2
Spindle index locking: 36 x 10 degrees
Tailstock hole diameter: 9mm
Tailstock quill travel: 120mm
Toolrest stem diameter: 1”/25.4mm
Centre above floor level: 1190mm (with Footmaster castors)
Weight: 325kg (excluding bed extension, chuck etc)
Motor: 1.5kW/2hp

Accessories Included:
350mm and 150mm tool rests
Extension bed and toolrest extension stem for bed in lower position
4 prong drive and live centre with detachable cone
75mm faceplate & spanner
Tooling knockout bar
Index fixing screw
“Bomb Guard” assembly
Accessory holder
Pair of comparator centres
Original adjustable feet
Footmaster castors
Manual and parts list

The lathe is in Northampton where it can be tried out or seen working.
Buyer to arrange transport. It’s heavy but breaks down into bed, legs, headstock, tailstock quite easily.

I'm asking £2500 ono for this very nice lathe.
Please PM me if you have any questions.


Oneway Banjo
Separately available is a Oneway banjo to suit this lathe. It is lighter than the Jet banjo but just as strong, with very nice levers for tightening down firmly without much effort.
It is too high for use with the original Jet toolrests but works beautifully on this lathe with Oneway or Robust toolrests.
£250 ono


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