Tool post dimensions. Your input and information is needed!

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What’s the use of having something that’s there and has no bearing what’s so ever and has no use at all not even a Dickie.!😇
thanks for all input, I have done most of the toolpost diameters I can find, now looking at the headstock threads and tapers.
Hi. My Wadkin RT (RTA 380 of 1951) uses a 1 3/8" BSW (6tpi) headstock thread. Headstock has an MT2 taper (blind, like the RS), and the tailstock is also MT2.

Don't forget to add Wadkin's RU to the list (no, I don't know any of the sizes for the RU).

Cheers, Vann.
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Record Maxi 1 (1st model) is 1 1/4 x 8tpi MT2 both ends and 1" stem
Later models are M33 X 3.5 tpi I believe
I thought it might be worthwhile to compile a list of post dimensions and any other useful information for use when hunting spares, different sizes or improvements.

Axminster AT1416VS takes a 1" stem (25.4 mm)

Axminster AT1628VS takes a 1" (25.4mm) stem 4.75" long (min)

Axminster AH-1218 and AH-1218 VS takes 16mm stem (according to manual).

Axminster AWSL takes 16mm stem ATM.

Axminster AWVSL 900 and AWVSL1000 takes 25mm stem ATM.

Axminster KWL (and probably other badged 37" single round bar Taiwanese lathes) 7/8" stem 2" long.

Axminster trade series precision Pro Lathe Takes 12.5mm stem ATM.

Axminster 1216VS 1" 4.75" long.

Axminster AWVSL Mini 5/8" stem

Ax AT 2030vs 30mm

Charnwood 870 25mm

Charnwood 813 25mm

Dominion 1 1/4" stem

Draper WTL 12 22mm stem 52mm long

Hegner 20mm

Jet 3520B takes 1" stem 6" long

Jet 1014 takes 5/8" 4" long

Jet 1642 takes 1" 6" long

Jet VS1221 5/8" stem

Killinger KM1450 SE (and possibly all Killingers) 30mm post

Myford Maestro 1" stem 3" - 4" long.

Myford ML8 3/4" stem

Nova DVRxp and 1624 - 44 1" stem. 8" long for the DVR, the Galaxi and the old 16 - 2448, and 5" long for the Comet.

Poolewood 28 - 40. 30mm diameter, 90mm - 95mm long - a bit longer wouldn't hurt. Shorter would handy as well - sometimes when working on very small stuff the rest has to be set too high in order to clear the bed bars.

Poolewood 1500 30mm post

Poolewood DVSL 25mm

Poolewood Euro 3000 30mm stem

Record CL (old) 3/4" stem

Record CL (new) 1" stem

Record DM 305 3/4" stem

Record DML 320 1" stem

Record DML 24X is 3/4" or 19mm

Record Power DML 36 SH MK2 Two rests.
W 9 3/4" D 3/4" L 1 3/4"
W 9 1/2" D 3/4" L 1 3/8"

Record DML 305 3/4 in stem (as above)
50 mm stem length to shoulder, (60 mm would still clear the bed in lowest position)
70 mm from shoulder to working edge of the rest (on the standard 200 long rest as supplied) making total height 120 mm.

Record Power Coronet Envoy (and so also Regent ?) takes a 1’’ stem.

Record Herald 1" dia, 4 1/2" stem.

Sorby 25mm posts - M12 x 1.25 thread.

Titan 400 40mm stem 125mm long

Titan 315G 40mm stem

Titan 315 40mm stem

Twister FU 180 banjo is 1" stem 3 3/4" deep.

Union Graduate 1" post 2" long

VB 40mm stem

Vicmarc 150 1" stem

Vicmarc 175, 200, 240 & 300 30mm stem

Wadkin BZL 1" stem

Wadkin RT and RS 1 1/8" stem 1 7/8th long for 6", 3 3/4" for RS 8" and 5 1/2" for RS 10"

Wivamac DB1000 - 1" inch stem

Woodfast C1000X 1" stem

Jet 4224B - 1" stem

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