Need to streamline my hand tools

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Well, it won't all go in one box but it comes closer than I thought...
That is because they don't have power cables and plugs. They look more collectable than usable so maybe you are looking at it from the wrong direction, why not rather than shuff them in a box out of sight make a nice ordamental storage unit and have them on display as a talking point in the house.
This all fits with me. I avoid woodwork like the plague - it seems I only have to look at a piece of wood and it warpes - but my combined electrical & plumbing case(s) almost need a hoist to get in and out of the car. I suppose humping them all about keeps me fit…….
I faced this problem a couple of years ago, having realised I had lots of tools I no longer or haven't ever used. I just sorted them out and put them on ebay over a period. Figuring I didn't need and wouldn't miss them I decided to make it a project and sell them in aid of charity - Ovarian Cancer Action . This certainly helped with the motivation to do it - over several months- and I made the purpose explicit in the listings. Raised about £1500 which pleased me and the charity, and I haven't missed any of the tools.

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