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Withdrawn Workshop Downsizing - Clamps, Cramps & Squeezy Things


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29 Jan 2017
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We've taken the momentous decision to downsize our home, garden and workshop. It's not going to happen for a few years yet but we want to get the property ready for sale should something interesting turn up.
In recent times I've been concentrating on smaller, more intricate projects. No more large lumps of timber for big furniture projects. So I'm now comfortable with the notion of off-loading my larger bits of kit.
All these items can be collected from GL19. Cash on collection.
Let's kick off with:-

Sash Cramps
Lot1. A set of really heavy duty cramps consisting of 1 x 78", 1 x 42", 1 x 41" and a 48" extension bar. As can be seen, they are of differing designs
but have a common T-Bar section which will take the extension piece.
£160 the lot

. A pair of 78" Record T-Bar sash cramps. Just the job for door projects.
£80 the pair


This is a collection of medium duty T-Bar sash cramps of Record, Woden and Redeta origin. All similar quality. All working OK. Ripe for renovation if you're that way inclined.
Lot3 2 x 54" £30
1 x 51" £15
1 x 42" £12
2 x 37" £20
1 x 36" £10

These are a number of cheap but robust steel T-Bar cramps
Lot8 2 x 42" £16
2 x 30" £12
2 x 30" £12
2 x 30" £12


Lot12 A pair of loose head cramps on steel bars. Both 42" capacity. Bars can be easily joined to double the capacity. The red heads are steel and the blue ones aluminium

£20 the pair


My all time favourite sash clamps. Made in the USofA by none other than the UNIVERSAL CLAMP CORPORATION.
There are 4 x 36" capacity to be sold in 2 lots
Lot13 2 x 36" SOLD
2 x 36" SOLD


Lot15 A simple flat bar clamp of 17" capacity. Needs a pin. £4

F - Clamps

Lots of F-clamps to go. An example of each in the pic. From L to R:-

Lot16 1 off. A massive 20" capacity x 8" depth. I've used this mainly for its reach; getting some pressure into the middle of a panel £15
3 off. 3 sturdy Normex 12" x 5" clamps £30 for the 3
Lot18 1 off. A sturdy long capacity clamp 39" x 5" £12
2 off A pair of lighter weight clamps. The handle cranks through 90° for extra leverage. 23" x 5" £8 the pair
Lot20 3 off by Urko. If it's force you're after, this is the guy, 12" x 5" £45 for the 3
Lot21 2 off. As Lot20 but this is the 8" version £24 for 2
Lot22 2 off As Lot21 £24 for 2
Lot23 2 off. An interesting clamp by Stanley. Both jaws are movable on the bar giving the possibility of 4 jaws on the one bar. Max capacity is 36" £30 the pair

Speed Clamps


From L to R

Lot24 2 off Stanley Fatmax. They live up to their name. 12" capacity. They feature a return coil spring which makes them more ergonomic. £30 the 2
Lot25 2 off Dakota (Rutlands) 12" standard speed clamp £16 for 2
Lot26 2 off As Lot25 above
Lot27 2 off 2 fairly ordinary speed clamps. 20"& 24" capacity £10 the pair
Lot28 1 off A lightweight which I've kept for its long 36" capacity that useful extra hand. £4

G - Cramps to follow

PM me if interested


PS. What's the difference between a clamp and a cramp?
A clamp holds an item or assembly in place, eg, while the glue cues
A cramp is used to force an assembly into its final configuration.
So it's a matter of beefiness
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