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For Sale Job lot Trend 1/2" router bits


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18 Aug 2012
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I am disposing of all my 1/2” router bits – these have had very little use and they are in very good condition. I have shown the current Trend selling price for each one. The 15 piece set has 4 missing bits. Total retail price for these bits is £950. I want to sell as a job lot. Bargain price for 21 bits £200 posted in UK. That's £10 a piece!! Grab a bargain.

46/105 Bevelcutter £128
4/12 2 flute cutter 38mm x 25mm £108
C164 2 flute cutter 12.7mm x 63mm £40
4/22 2 flute cutter 15.9mm x 50mm £82
3/61 2 flute cutter 10mm x 25mm £42
3/5 2 flute cutter 9mmx 19mm £45
4/26 2 flutecutter 15.9mm x 25mm £69

Bearing guided bits
46/23 Guided trimmer12.7mm x 50mm £122 TWO of these
46/22 Guided trimmer18.2mm x 50mm £122

15 piece set £83


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Hi Steve, I only need a 16mm cutter but this represents too much good value, though I wonder whether I could pay extra for speedy post? Working to a deadline!
I think we have made do with what we have for the most pressing bit if work, however I am still interested in a couple of these cutters, what angle is the bevel cutter? Many thanks. I’m based in Bristol.