Tool post dimensions. Your input and information is needed!

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Hi. I've just bought a Wadkin RT lathe (smallest of the pre-Bursgreen range) - RTA 380 of 1951.

The tool post is 1 1/8" diameter and 1 7/8" long. I believe it's the same as used on Wadkin's RS lathes - and the toolpost holder pattern numbers have an "RS" prefix. However, the RT is a 6" lathe, so while it tool post dimensions are almost certainly exactly the same as an RS-6", there may be minor differences in length with the RS-8" and RS-10".

Cheers, Vann.
I can't be the only member with one of these - when I bought it there were plenty of similar Taiwanese lathes with different names on. (Record, Clarke, Nu-tool and probably others, all based on a 37" long single round bed bar.)

Axminster KWL37
Tool post 7/8" or 22mm diameter, 2" or 51mm long
Thanks. It's getting there. I thought originally it might be handy for anyone coming across something in a sale or on ebay etc. or thinking of trading up. Obviously it can only be as accurate as the info I'm given, but it should be a help.
Since this looks like a comprehensive list, I'm reminded of other questions I've seen over the years. Would it be worthwhile building this into a grid (or spreadsheet) with headstock drive/chuck diameter and thread (inboard and out) as well as MT1, MT2 head or tailstock? That would be a pretty complete resource for a sticky. Possibly add whether the head rotates? That would give people a good guide when shopping for old lathes/accessories on eBay.
Most interesting thus far, though. Well done for collating it all.
My idea when I started it was to give anyone information if they saw something for sale anywhere or possibly if they were changing/upgrading and already had a lot of money's worth of accessories it might influence their choice.
I wouldn't know where to start as regards a spreadsheet or grid - If anyone wishes to hijack the thread and do it they're welcome - no reason why not. :D

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