The 2023 Secret Santa - your last chance!

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Mine is sat ready to send, has been for the past week or so, expect I’ll get it in the post next week.
Hi Phil

Sorry, work situation changed - being made redundant but having to work my notice. So I've been a bit busy looking for new jobs (Great timing, I know 😉). I have finally had some time to think of the idea for the present, will do it sometime this week so I can post it next week.

Best regards
Mine is officially finished. Packing is now the challenge. Do I invest in a lot of bubble wrap, build a custom packing crate, send a note up the chimney and hope that Santa does his job.
I’m thinking bubble wrap might be the safest option.
my secret santa a couple of years ago hand delivered mine!
I glimpsed a fleeting flash of red and white and heard distant sleigh bells, but didn't spot the man himself!
Having finished the gift a week ago tiling walls got in the way so I finally got to pack it up this morning. DPD are picking up tomorrow, should be with the recipient on Wednesday. It’s a bit fragile but hopefully well enough packed to survive the delivery.