Mid-year ... secret santa?


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18 Aug 2019
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Ash Vale, Aldershot
So I've had an idea and wanted to run it past everyone to see what you all think. How do you guys feel about doing something similar to secret Santa around mid-year? I'm thinking of something like a scrap bin challenge, we get paired up the same as secret santa but instead of sending a gift we send items for the recipient to make something from, be it scraps from the scrap bin or any other item you can think of. Instead of sending info about your hobbies etc you send what type of woodwork you mainly do and maybe anything you cant, for instance I would put woodturner unable to do resin and my provider would send something for me to try make something from, I think this could be a lot of fun and get us pushing our abilities a little so what do you guys think? I'd probably look to get names and info around the start of May to pair up by mid May for people to send their challenges out by the end of May and have a goal for the projects to be done by the end of June.
I’d be in for some mid year shenanigans of some sort or another. A scrap box challenge of one kind or another sounds fun.

What I like about SS is it pushes me to do something different, else it’s just more furniture for the house.

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