Screwfix catalogues disappear.

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Well, sorry for having the affrontary to hold an opinion which obviously doesn't align with yours! Where, in your wildest imagination did I claim to ignore pollution? Utter and complete nonsense. As for pollution, be specific if you level such accusations and don't try and fob me off with generalisations. Back up that statement or retract it. Human forced climate change is far from "accepted science" at least in magnitude, and more "accepted political science" or at least skewed politically to bringing on the downfall of 3rd world countries especially by forcing economic ruin by such theorising whilst conveniently ignoring actual data in place of climatology models. It's current politically accepted opinion and there are certainly two sides to that argument. No one is denying humans have impacted on climate change but there is certainly differing opinions within scientific circles as to the cause and effect (ref Prof John Christies, an expert in this field and also look towards Imperial College London's Climatology dept on the same subject who present some more reasoned cognitive and edifying arguments than the press and politicians). I have been studying this field for years as the consequences are too important to be complacent. I resent completely your obviously ad hominem comments. If you wish to continue a personal debate I am, most amenably, prepared to take this to personal PMs rather than debase an honest thread with such an obviously personal distraction and am willing to do so gladly and with the best and friendliest of intentions.
You are free to hold any opinion you wish.
If you express it others are free to reply.
If you do not want a reply do not express the opinion.
Whilst some may claim it's greener to go digital, I reject that argument. There are many families in Aberdeen for example who might be on the bread line if the UK's premiere paper producers there go out of business, along with the forestry industry supporting the industry. Hundreds would lose their livelihoods, along with transport companies not to mention the large engineering support industry supporting the industry. Why can't do gooders realise it's real people's livelihoods at stake? All this green talk means a lot pushing the debate may be in for a rude awakening when it all starts having real impacts on the cost of living but that's an argument for a different thread.
You clearly state that pollution should be ignored so that the Aberdeen paper making industry can still supply catalogues.

You are still free to start a separate thread where you can express your opinions that combating climate change is not important. If you want people to reply here post here.
Online shops are horrible and I waste time searching for the items I need. This is down to bad management, research and design, it does not have to be this way. I have never liked the screwfix online shop, others are just as bad. This is simply overcome and I am pulling my hair out at the stupidity of these companies.
Online catalogues, you can click from page to page or jump to the relevant sections. This is one reason I love Dictum, they have all sorts of online catalogues as well as the online shop. When browsing the catalogue you can still click on an item and be taken to the online shop to buy it.

As for the eco debate, how may computer screens in all these shops and how many years will they last? Not only do individuals use electric but the data centres used massive amounts. I would like to see some proper research done on this as we are just moving the pollution around the world, out of sight out of mind.
went to Lichfield Screwfix. Computers not working No catalogues, Chaos. except for the click and collect guys on their mobiles. You can see which method they are trying to force onto us
I read this thread a few days ago and it prompted me to go to their website to order a new catalogue. I now have a new catalogue sat on my coffee table.