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28 May 2023
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Was in the workshop today and my table saw started making a funny smell - Was an electricy type smell - You know the type.
I feel like it's going to give up the ghost soon, so wanted to get ahead of it and start browsing.

Budget is about £200-£300 (Maybe a bit more), And I use it mainly on plywood, but have a few exotic hardwoods that I'll need to slice up at some point.

Current one is a Lidl Parkside table saw (Yeah, yeah, I know..) and I figured that if it's breaking down, I use it enough to justify upgrading.

What I like about this saw:
I like the table size on this one - 580mm side to side, and an extension table in the middle at the back which brings the depth of the table to about a meter.

What I don't like:
I don't like the fence. It's flimsy and the plastic catch keeps falling out of the lever thingy and theres no support at the back, so I have to be super careful at the far end.
The mitre tracks are really thin, and not a standard shape, so buying a fence or other slidey bits is tricky, as is making one.

I was looking at an Evolution - I like how the trolley lets the whole thing fold up when not in use, however the plan is to make a flip table for it with the planer/thicknesser on t'other side anyway, so not a big deal. I like the sides that fold out to make the work area bigger on the RAGE though.
I also noted that the bore size on the Evos is 25.4mm, which really limits which blades will fit. A quick look on Screwfix, and there are 17 blades at that size, as opposed to a selection of 250 at 30mm - Based on that, it'd be harder to shop around for a bargain, and probably less likely to have stock on-the-shelf. There are also folk saying that the table insert is flimsy, not always flush and a pretty big gap next to the blade.

It's pretty hard buying something like this without seeing it in the flesh, but any advice would be awesome.
Saxton blades do reasonably priced good quality blades for evolution with correct bore, I have the screwfix version r255pts
I have a vintage Tyzack Zyto table saw that cost me about £130 I think. It’s probably 80 yrs old, cast iron everything. Built like they used to make such tools. It will last forever if looked after. Professional accuracy. Amazing quality.

I had an evolution mitre saw. Cheap but not at all accurate and didn’t last long. I have a Makita now.
Sorry for the delay is coming back - Thanks for the tips, however, while I was hunting, I found a Dewalt 743N - the type that flips over into a mitre saw on Gumtree for £90.
I'll need to build an outfeed table, and extensions to the side, but with a little thinking (And googling for ideas), that'll be more of a fun project than a pain.
Got really lucky with it actually - The chap selling it was a shopfitter who was shutting up business - Not because they'd gone under, but just because.. well, he was done and wanted to move on. Got a really nice Paslode 2nd fix nailgun at a bargain AND an Axminster single bag dust extractor (all single phase 230v)

I wish my garage was way bigger though, he was also selling a wall saw (Like the ones in a timber-yard or BandQ for cutting down giant pieces of board), and this awesome table saw thing that was ginormous. Honestly, I was mainly limited by space in my single garage. The guy was cool aswell, and could see that I was just starting out with this new obsession with creating sawdust, and gave some really solid advice and I reckon the decent price was due to the fact that it was pretty obvious I was buying them to use, and not to re-sell or anything.
I've just been given a DeWalt flip saw , so if you would be so kind to post any pics of the side extensions or any mods you make.
I've built a whole workstation around my old mitre saw (blew up) so looking for ideas how to extend my new flip saw .
Or any sliding jigs etc