In praise of an own brand - Screwfix copper pipe cutter

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26 Dec 2017
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As a DIYer I do my own plumbing.
For the last 20 (?) years I've used a monument brand semi auto pipe cutter and love it.
It's a simple compact thing that has worked reliably and well. It relies on the user tightening a screw knob to push the cutting wheel into the 15 or 22mm pipe.
Recently I wore out the wheel and while these can be bought, they are not off the shelf at my local places. The postage charge on small orders and the wait when you are in the middle of a job is irritating.

I resorted to a spring loaded 15mm slice I'd bought for one in-situ job when I needed a super low profile to cut next to a wall.
And remembered why I never use it. Horrid thing.
The pipe was cut in two turns but it was also swaged in so much that no amount of deburring would open the pipe back to full bore, and the cut was lousy.

In frustration I went shopping for a replacement and came home with a Magnusson, Screwfix/B&Q own brand thing for under £7.
It's great. Works just like my old favorite for a third of the price. I don't find many own brand tools to be very good so this felt worth sharing.

Anyone else have any own brand tools that have really surpassed your expectations ?
Have always used these and they work in tight spaces as well,

For anyone who used to use Record pipe bending stands then these are really solid and well supported, plus made in the UK
but these are really the tool to have, plumbers like woodworkers no longer need much muscle !
and capable of bending pipes in tight awkward places with no effort
There's a Rothenberger mini max cutter that mine was probably copied from but with bigger capacity (upto 28mm) and a price tag over £30. It's not a lot of money for something that will be regularly used but value for money must go to the Magnusson :)

I know I'm getting older. Bending 22mm with my Record pipe bender is more of a workout than it was but I won't do enough to ever wear it out.
I’ve been using an Erbauer track saw for a while and it’s great. I’m assuming Erbauer are a Screwfix in-house brand because I never see them elsewhere.

I’m never buying Titan again. They probably have a few decent tools in their range but the ones I’ve bought have really let me down.
I used a magnusson tape measure years ago and found it to be absolute junk, kind of wrote off the brand in my mind because of that. more recently I've used a few magnusson tools that have been much more impressive. I don't think any brand is consistently good across the range, and more so across the years.

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