Joke Thread 4

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A large alsation wanders into the Job Centre, trots up to one of the assistant's desks, and promptly sits down.
"Well, hello boy! And what are you doing here?!" laughs the assistant.
"I'm actually looking for a job, miss, and I hear this is the place to help me...."
The assistant rocks back in her chair, astounded.
"This is amazing! You can speak!"
"I certainly can. My master educated me well at home, I'm housetrained and behave myself at all times...."
"Incredible! I'm sure we can find something for you! Let me have a look...."
The assistant scrolled through a few web pages, before saying "The very thing! The circus on the edge of town is looking for talented individuals...shall I ring them for you?"
The dog looked puzzled.
"The circus? What would the circus want a qualified bricklayer for?"