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With any cordless tool the performance is governed by the Battery amps even more so with anything impacting with the pulse draw as opposed to just plain revs.
So higher AH gives more headroom as tool extracts power with lower AH having less current drive.
So if you use 6AH you will not only drive/drive for longer but also bigger screws/bolts over a lower AH.

Project Farm on you tube did one on Recips tried various batteries per tool low AH cut slower and less then upped to 4/5AH which improved massively run time/cutting speeds etc But now another facet was when went with huge Dewalt/Milwaukee(Big Banger batteries!)the speed increased but took far longer to cut task due to blade not being able to get a new purchase on the wood etc!.

So a low AH battery will not work for so long but also it's performance ie rattle will be less and have a bigger drop off,

Another thing with impacts though is how they deliver them because if your someone that normally uses for smaller-medium screws something that is more full on with 300nm's is just going to ruin job.

Ive a Makita BTD140? Made in Japan impact ive had it years! and got 2nd hand and works a well as day got it and put plenty of screws/bolts etc in with some pretty big along with car wheel bolts and happy with usability of it as did some drilling using my trend snappy bits and trigger use was smooth enough.

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I purchased one from LIDL ( Parkside ) £69.95 , Battery charged quickly , Sounds like a turbo charged or fan cooled charger , You can switch between 100 /200 /300 / 400 Newton meters , It wizzed of my 4 X 4 wheel nuts no problem , 3 year guarantee as well , Yes I have kept the original recipt just in case .
I have a Milwaukee Fuel impact driver. Decided to stop working within I guess the first 100 screwings. Retuned for repair and they sent a whole new one. Milwaukee it seems are known for breaking down early, but they do have a very good warranty process.
Got a Metabo (mains) angle grinder for my birthday, it's a dream to use. If their other tools are this good, would recommend. Be warned if you are in the US though, you don't get real Metabo, you Metabo HPT(?) Which is actually Hikoki (what used to be Hitachi). In the UK we get real German Metabo.
So a low AH battery will not work for so long but also it's performance ie rattle will be less and have a bigger drop off,
The Ah is just a measure of how long the battery can deliver current for and not a measure of the tools power, using higher Ah batteries is not always a good thing unless you are using the tool a lot on a regular basis because they get less charge / discharge cycles.
A big consideration is needed to the other tools you use…batteries are expensive, and using different types with different chargers etc gets really expensive…
If you already have a type of battery in use, you can then buy other bare tools at a much cheaper price..
I currently have the Milwaukee (well used 18v) impact and deill driver which I've gifted to my dad (my wood working mentor and who inspired me to I suppose now be a member here... kindof). He was well chuffed when I explained it to him and I reckon he already has a plan for which screws he needs to impact out first! He's gonna turn 70 next year God Willing...

The other (cordless) tools are the Milwaukee M12 which is an amazing little drill driver and the almost 12 yr old AEG drill/driver. Hence you could say I have a clean slate to start from and both Bosch fit the bill of belonging to battery compatibility groups - CAS I think for Metabo Trade which it shares with Festool and Bosch is on the Ampshare platform with Fien and Rotherberger (whoever they are!).

I'm going with Metabo but just trying to find the best deal on an 18v or 12v (of which might be plenty power for me... but you can't whack a touch more power I guess).
The other (cordless) tools are the Milwaukee M12 which is an amazing little drill driver and the almost 12 yr old AEG drill/driver. Hence you could say I have a clean slate to start from and both Bosch fit the bill of belonging to battery compatibility groups - CAS I think for Metabo Trade which it shares with Festool and Bosch is on the Ampshare platform with Fien and Rotherberger (whoever they are!).

I think Metabo and Mafell are the big names on the CAS battery system, Festool only fits Festool.
I vote Metabo I have their 10.8v powermaxx drill/ drivers and the same size impact driver. Could be 10 years old now still going and used daily. The little impact driver is remarkably powerful actually. (also they are the same as the Mafell ones)
My mate still has a 30 year old corded hammer drill that still gets used as well.

I don't really get the impact driver thing, yes if I'm putting in a lot of big screws I will use one but beyond that I normally find a standard drill driver more suitable. People seem to use impacts for everything these days, even putting the tiniest screws in hinges. In most cases I find them slower and less accurate than a drill driver, and the noise they make is just rude!

The only advice I could give the OP is pick the cordless platform you are going to use and get their impact.
I thought I was the only one, I only use one if necessary, I do like them for big concrete screws and stuff. Mostly they are just loud and don`t have such nice trigger control.

Went for this in the end. Bosch 18v 21... Hopefully I'll get a free SDS 18v too as they currently have a ln offer running (happens each year apparently). Yet to use but unboxing looked good :)

Oh... best of all. Both items made in Malaysia too (including the batteries from Hungary). Pity about the charger from China. I suppose we do our best!
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Milwaukee impact drivers seem to have changed their design of the latest models and are coming in for a lot of stick over breakdowns so personally I would avoid. There's a recent youtube vid (can't remember who) explaining they've cheapened the impact mechanism and in tests they managed to break a couple of them in quick time. Makita are a safe bet as are the Dewalt brushless XR range which are very good. I have both makes (18V) and they've been faultless and done countless jobs now. 5A battery is preferable to the 3A or smaller. More oomph.
Never had a single issue with my dewalts and have a lot of dewalt gear. Both my drivers run perfectly concentricly but switching off impact setting could be handy if it’s the only tool to hand. I’m still wary of the new Milwaukee kit given the very mixed reviews but guess most people stick with brands they’ve used which for me is mainly Makita and Dewalt. Had a Makita 18v Li combi for15 years now and it’s done an unbelievable amount of work. Could just as easily say the same for most of the popular makes I guess.
Rothenbuger is a well respected plumbing tool suppliers both electrical and manual.....exc stuff.....not cheap tho....
Along similar lines to Hilti.....

I always bought Japanese over the Euro gear....Festool wansn't around as far as I know back then....but def overpriced and clicky....
the only reason I changed up was coz my faithful Hitachi was on it's last legs and I also needed machinery impact drivers both 3/8 n 1/2....
so the only real option was Millwaukee......... that will be my platform until they die or me or I wear em out....
cost did play a part but not sure if there will be bargains in the future.....

for those that used pump screwdrivers, all the above impact drivers even the badly made ones are an upgrade......
Still trying to think of a job for my pump drivers so they dont go rusty....

I'm glad ur sorted now and this section of the forum has increased my knowledge on manufacturers...

I was told as an apprentice that the likes of Snapon tools wont let u down when ur in trouble.....
reliability is what is needed....
I have very little stuff from Parkside but u cant go wrong on cost and warrenty and a few profs around here thats all they use.....!!!!
Thanks Clogs. Yes indeed. I've also learnt loads. Also, good to bear in mind that when the tradespeople review tools, that's exactly the angle they are coming from (most likely), the trade.

Hence the Bosch I've bought, might be lower on the scale in the reviews but I'm never going to probably use it to that capacity. I've also registered for the 3 year warranty and requested the SDS 18v drill as my free gift/upgrade offer (directly on the Bosch Pro site). Hopefully it gets apprved soon enough and then another tool in the collection.

Thanks again everyone for the input during this turbulent and impactful stage of my life :)
Bosch Bit set Boxed.JPG
Bosch IXO 6th Gen.JPG
I have been, amongst other well-known brands, a loyal Bosch user I Bought one of these some time ago
Bosch bits in a box it is the best buy I've ever made. I've managed to store loads of other bits all in this one box and I use it around the home for many small jobs with my Bosch IXO saves getting more heavy stuff from the workshop. Being 80+ now & disabled I have to find ways to do things more easily. I now have to look to sadly to get shot of my £5000+ Snap-on tools for a sensible price don't know how that is going to work out. Any suggestions???

these particular tools have impacted my kife....pun intended......

there's a whole load of experience on this forum ......
it brings light into this dark world of tools n machines.....