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9 Aug 2020
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Hello all.

So, I'm a short slim guy and standard work wear I find too boxy/baggy and trying to find trousers that are a little bit slimmer seam :wink: really hard, so I was wondering if anyone had recommendations?

any advice/info is very much appreciated!
I'm slim and 5ft 10", I buy primark cargo trousers, £11 a pair 30L 30W great fit and slim fit.
Black, navy or camo.
You want Snickers 6341, slim fit and all over stretch with knee pads. Not cheap but by far the best fitting and comfiest work trousers I have ever owned. Think it's 6241 if you want the ones with holster pockets, personally I hate them.

Snickers 6341 AllroundWork Stretch Trousers
Yup..avoid those elasticated add-on knee pads. If you have them on too tight then you run the risk of crushing your common peroneal nerve resulting in you suffering from footdrop. DAMHIKT.
Although I don't like their bright yellow stitching, I have a pair of work pants by dewalt. They are relatively slim. I chose them because I don't like the baggy patch pockets included on many styles. Waist is tight for the size, black cordura fabric is really tough, like a modern canvas.
They were decent value from Screwfix.