HiKoki G 12STX angle grinder review 4.5"(ish)


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Iroko loco!
18 Nov 2012
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Hello folks, thought I'd do a wee review of this angle grinder
Not had it for long, so this is just my initial impressions so far.

This is about the cheapest one going, well from a known brand that is...
(HiKoki is re-branded Hitachi if you weren't aware)
Gone up a fiver since last year, so I picked up a "real deals for you" Christmas offer locally.
I note the guy seemed a bit reluctant to give me a receipt, though couldn't festively fob me off as I also bought fuel requiring yard document.
Though not that I seen any evidence of returned ones, and I visit there fairly frequently,
and they sold out very quick this year compared to last. (should any of above be anything to go by)
It was something like 55 Euro's IIRC

I'll be comparing to an old Bosch, which might be on the way out by now.
That tool might be twice the cost if it were made today, and I found little difference "comparing it"
(running without load, so noise and vibration testing)
to the cheapest blue(ish) Makita on the market (what's in that price range)
I did have a "look" at the modern cheapest Bosch, maybe 20% more costly,
aswell as others, but reckon I might have made the right choice.
(only checked for play of the arbor and smoothness of rotation by hand)

First thing I noticed was the arbor nut and flange were much slimmer than all the others I've ever used.
I figured there would be some skimping of materials, hopefully not concerning the innards though,
which was my main concern. (having experience of a brand new cheapie brand letting the smoke out before)
So I chose to stay away from something slimline, as I guess that might push the limits.

They even made the plug slimmer than usual.

Next noticeable thing one might note is the switch, which isn't very nice compared to the Bosch,
though the Makita is kinda similar.


So only started to "get to know" this tool today, and could speculate that this might be aimed for the likes of myself???:unsure:
having an old unit to salvage bits from...
i.e plug and real rubber cable i.e H05RN-F I presume, or possibly the heftier H07RN-F sized, whichever would be recommended for those inclined to be slightly offended by plastickey flavours of insulation.
And the important part, an arbor nut!

This is what made me break out the camera, so here's a closer look for ye.
That's a 1.2mm disc, and the arbor nut is home!


Very pleased the old nut fit, without any slop I might add, as there are differences between the flanges on most, so still have the nice fitting one on this.


Into the miscellaneous box with it

Now what some of ye might be wanting to know...
How big of a disc does the shroud allow for?

Well, that'd be those cheapie 125mm slim cutting discs, so it would.
(These don't fit into the Bosch one)


But not the same size grinding discs.

A piccy of the buttons

Gave it a bit of a decent test today, and pleased it didn't get very warm.
Will have to see how it holds up, as plenty of grinding to get done next.

Might not update that, as there's way too much grit in there to be having a camera .
Well in picture format at least, but very pleased with it so far.

Hope that helps
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The arbour nut is reversible for the thin cutting discs on the grinders I use, and am guessing the same applies to your new Hikoki. HTH.

Thanks Jester, indeed you're on the ball, I didn't cop the raised ring on each also had a recess,
which I hadn't encountered before now.

I was thinking the thin nut might be good for "dado stacks" ala Matt Cremona
but things are a bit too much of a mess at the moment to do much observing.

Not liking the switch too much on this grinder, and will try to do some more comparisons
when things get a bit tidier.
Not got warm since, and it's done a wee bit of work
Still pleased, though seemingly it might have more gyroscopic kick to it,
when going from horizontal to vertical, than the old Bosch one,
but that could be my imagination.