need a new battery drill

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Sunnybob you have masses of good advice here! I'd only add I bought the Makita 10.8v drill/driver combo a few years ago. I also have 18v Makita kit for the garden/chainsawing, but no 18v drill. I'm desperate to justify buying a great meaty 18v drill, but the plucky 10.8v kit just takes my DIY jobs in its stride! And it's so light and compact.
Well, I've just thrown all the good advice, and my own preferences out the window! :shock:

I spent a couple hours today looking in the two biggest tool shops on the island, and I've surprised my self by coming home with a WORX 20 volt drill.

The makita's available here were double the price and getting one from England meant a 6 week wait. Everything else looked and felt like christmas cracker quality. This worx felt right as soon as I picked it up. It fits my hand like it was custom made. About 2/3 rds the size of a big makita.

Time will tell if I have made a mistake, but I already have a worx multitool that has given several years good service, so I'm hopeful.
I have the batteries on charge, I will report back once I've used it.
Thanks for all the good intentioned advice, shame I didnt follow any of it.
:roll: (hammer) (hammer) 8)
I've generally been pretty impressed with the quality of the worx stuff I've handled, enjoy your new toy!
This thread has me wanting a pair of drills that I don't really need :shock:

10 Volt should be plenty for my requirements
I can't work out the difference between these; other than price
Makita CLX201AJ
Makita CLX202AJ
One mentions metal gears, the other does not, also one mentions torque settings the other does not.
Well, I went and bought the 202 pair :)

Excellent quality and plenty power for my needs
I havent used this Worx drill much yet, but so far am very impressed. I had to screw in a 3" x3.5 woodscrew and accidentally had the drill still on high speed.
BAM! :shock: Job done! :shock: :shock:
I like 20 volt. =D> =D>

One minor criticism though is the hand grip is a bit short in length. I have large hands (XXL glove size) and my little finger just hangs over the bottom edge of the grip shape unless I push my fingers together.
Other than that, I really like it. 8)
its 18v nominal, not 20v its marketing, it has the same 18650 cells in it as every other drill, however all 18v drills will be about 21v when fully charged

you needn't have worried about a 12v,a 12v top end drill today will be more powerful than your 10 year old one, as for sayin you needed something to save your hands from all that twisting. well you were given the answer..thats what an impact does
i had a friend down working with me on his camper van the other day, after a day of using an impact he asked me why the hell anyone would buy a drill these days? of course thats not an accurate assessment but it goes to show that form his experience and for his use the impact was the far better tool

i only use a drill for drilling small holes in wood or holes in metal. large holes impact, driving pretty much anything, impact, although for speed and less noise i do use the hydraulic impulse driver
for driving fasteners a drill is an inferior and outdated tool its been superseded
I used the worx drill today for about a 100 screws in a section of fence.
!8 or 20 volt, I have no complaint about its ability.
BUT.... I have to admit that after a days use, the hand grip is best suited for smaller hands (mine are XXL).
What at first felt like a snug grip, is now a too small grip, and my little finger is more often than not over the little light in the bottom of the grip.

Silly when you consider my old makita had enough room for at least one extra finger, possibly two.
But again, I stress that in all other respects, I really like the drill, especially as it was almost half the price of the makita. =D>
I considered an impact drill, untill I saw the decibel rating :shock: Thats louder than my lunchbox thicknesser! :shock: :shock:
The nominal voltage of a NanoPhosphate LiOn 18650 cell is 3.3volts, try working that into 18 or 20volts. (hammer)