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Have the exact same drill, though mine came in a slightly different case and with 1.5Ah batteries. Absolutely love it, most used drill. Obviously it won't win any power competitions and at times I have found it frustratingly slow - not impracticably slow, just slower than I was expecting. However the light weight and good balance make it the one you first pick up for 90% of tasks.

Had to do some emergency repairs to a collapsed bed a couple of weeks back, was one of those "fix in place without shifting surrounding clutter" tasks. It was one of those tasks you are consciously grateful for the tool in those "upside down" or "driving towards you" moments.
For years the pro standard was 9.6v(I think it al started at 7.2v), then along came 12v with 1.4ah batteries. ,then 14.4ah batteries came along and so on and so forth.

Ni cad i think was the first, and their horrible tendency to retain a memory so you needed to run them right down before recharging. Then it was nickel metal touted in all the magazines of the day as having no memory effect, and you could recharge them at any stage(though I seem to remember it was a bad idea to run them right down to 0%)

Today its lithium ion at 18v with batteries starting at 2ah going up to an incredible 12ah.

Looking back its incredible that other tradies were resistant to battery guns, preferring the age old Yankee, and i expect if there were forums back then like today's, there would be a number of memorable battery versus Yankee threads with lots of shouting and arguing the toss.

Nostalgia time gents. Who remembers ...

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