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4 Jun 2019
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Hey All

My Dewalt 584L is being weird. I have a Festool dust extractor but being in a no power shop a little cordless vac is really useful as it saves me running a massive extension lead from the house.

I’m invested in the Festool and Dewalt battery ecosystem but I also have an old Bosch drill with 2 x 2.5 amp batteries, so I’ve ordered the Bosch gas 18v10l. I think I will need to get better batteries to get more run time but before I spend 100 quid of a couple of batteries I wanted to ask if anyone can recommend anything better? I was considering the Milwaukee extractor..

I also considered getting the Milwaukee or indeed the Bosch but using one of these battery adaptors? I’m not a fan, but has anyone had experience with these before?

Update - I spent more than what I wanted but went for the Dewalt cordless M class dust extractor. Figured I cant put a price on my lungs :)