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25 Jun 2018
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I am considering purchasing a general purpose vacuum for my woodwork workshop (Also used for as a general workshop).
I already have a Camvac for dust / chip extraction for larger tools, such a bandsaw / thicknesser etc.

I would like a general vacuum for general use such as cleaning down benches & tools / hovering the floor. I decided to buy the METABO ASA30MPC, which is a M-Class 30L vacuum. But now I was thinking I can also use it on my mitre saw and also for sanders etc. and maybe think that for not much more money I cold get the H-Class version. (Maybe better for MDF, HDF, Hardwoods etc)

Although I think a M-Class vac would do the Job, surely H-class is better? Unfortunately, my workshop (Basement) does not have any windows.
So, for an an extra £40+ pounds is the H-Class worth it for the piece of mind, and of course who knows what I may hoover up in the future.

One more thought, is their any downside (Apart from filter cost) of having an H-class vac when a M-class would do? Is the air flow just as good for as log etc.

Your camvac is 1,2,3 vacuum cleaner motors in a tin can. It's perfectly good for hoovering up. Would it save space and your hard earned cash to just buy a long hose that can reach everywhere without dragging the camvac around ?
If you are set on the Metabo, for an extra £40 I'd probably take the hepa upgrade just to have the option, but most of the time I would leave the filter out. An M class vac is pretty good. An L class is better value if you are not working with silica.

(I have an M class nilfisk attix and always use it with bags for powertool extraction and general sweep up. The hepa upgrade on this is much more than £40 so I never considered it.)

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