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4 Dec 2023
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Hi all,

I am looking to improve the dust extraction in my workshop.
Currently I have a Record Power Compact Wall-Mounted Extractor direclty connected to my table saw and use a Festool Midi for my hand power tools.
I also have a general hoover from Titan for my mitre and hoovering around the workshop.

I would like to build a circuit from my Record Power Vac all along the ceiling that can also feed from other future machine (next investment is a router table).

I looked at the dust extraction solutions online and was wondering about flat vs round channel? My ceiling is fairly low so the flat channel is attractive although it seems that some are saying that it does not work as well as the round.

Any experience with that? Also, what is the best solution for valve system to optimize suction when connected to multiple machine? Is there an off the shelve solution or is it pretty much a DIY job?

Flat is pretty cheap. Buy a metre and a flat to round adaptor and see how much it collapses when your vac is sucking and the other end is blocked.
I bought an axminster air fliter, instead of hanging it on chains I built a wall bracket for it so it can be mounted higher up, my ceiling is very low as well, it filters down to 1 micron, seems to do a very good job at removing the ultra fine dust, there is less dust building up since installing it.


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