100mm dust extraction to mitre saw 40mm ?


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27 Jun 2023
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York or surrounding
I've just fitted a 100mm soil pipe dust extraction to my workshop ceiling with blast gates and feeds to my machines.

All are 100mm hose connections, Router table, saw table, band saw etc.
But my mitre saw is only 36mm.

My dust extraction is a 2Hp style with the two big bags, one a filter and one a collection bag.

I've read it's not really suitable for a mitre saw due to the smaller dimension on the hose.

Mine been I think HVLP?

Would it best to keep to 100mm hose and change to 36mm at the last part say 500mm of hose.

The 2hp really pulls some air when I tried it on a 50mm hose
Its a compromise. For best extraction keep the diameter as large as possible for as long as possible but for ease of use you possibly want a couple of metres of small bore on the saw.
Have one of the other blast gates part open so as not starve the collector of air. My thicknesser is 50mm into 100mm and when I part open another gate you can see dust spinning a lot faster in the lower bag which looks to me to be working better.
...change to 36mm at the last part say 500mm of hose.

I reaslise you are not quoting an exact measurement, but 500mm seems a little short to me if it is a sliding compound mitre saw.

At some strange compound angle, that you only do once a year the hose might not be long enough. Initially, maybe be a bit more generous - if your choice does cause tangles, shortening is always easier than lengthening.