Dust extraction for 100mm soil pipe system?


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27 Jun 2023
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York or surrounding
I currently have a 5 m 110mm soil pipe fixed to my low ceiling

I've fitted outlets to it with blast gates to provide extraction to:

Mitre saw
Band saw
Router table
Table saw
Thicknesser/ planer
40mm outlet to a shop vac hose.

At the other end I've connected up a Schappach HA1000 dust extractor

I'm wanting to change it to something more powerful most of the bagged type seem to be for chips, most of my waste will ge dust except the planer/ thicknesser...so what do I need? thanks
yes the camvac has lots of power , i built a thein baffle to go in front and collect most of the dust, mine is using an axminster workshop dust extractor, quieter than the camvac but its not got the grunt for a whole workshop, just used on my cnc, did lots of research first, kept as many sharp bends out as possible, and used 4 inch pipe throughout, just a bit of 4 inch flexi at either end. the baffle is great gets at least 99% of dust so you dont clog filters in the dust collector. build vids on youtube.


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