Silicone, adhesive or tape on dust extraction?

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27 Jun 2023
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I've fixed some 110mm soil pipe to my shed ceiling and have 135 degree Y outlets branching off to my machines.

I'll connect my dust extraction to one end and use blast gates to open/ shut each one, depending on which machine I'm using.

On each outlet I have an Axminster blast gate which slides into the the soil pipe. They are a 1mm-2mm too small so need a way to connect then and be air tight, did think either wrapping tape around then or just stick the pipes in with silicone or adhesive.

Any advice? thanks
I've fixed some 110mm soil pipe to my shed ceiling...

On each outlet I have an Axminster blast gate

They are a 1mm-2mm too small

If they are 1-2mm too small, this implies they are 109-108mm OD. Please could you link to the Axminster product you have as the only one I could find is 100mm OD.

Filling a 5mm gap is a different fish kettle to filling a 1-2mm gap.

This has some possibilities - take the blast gate and a soil pipe fitting into TS with you and do an in-store test:
Even if it is tight on the blast gate, warm it up with a hot air gun and it should slip over. Hopefully in so doing its OD will end up as 110mm.
Hi thanks, sorry they are Charnwood blast gates which have a 100mm OD, but are slightly tapered so maybe 102mm at the widest point.

The soil pipe is 110mm OD so maybe 104mm ID allowing for 3mm wall.

The blast gate slides inside the soil pipe (just a cut piece, no joint)

So 102mm into a 104mm pipe which I suppose is the 2mm gap

I have used silicon in the past, because it seals very well and is not permanent.

Easily removed for upgrades etc.
I can concur with @ChaiLatte about the use of the toolstation vent pipe. Here I have used it to connect a 100mm flex to my drum sander:-


In the 2nd pic you can see the use of anther short length which has been slit along its length to reduce its diameter. I've also used this technique frequently with 110mm soil pipe to make up connectors.
It's worth getting length from TS to experiment with.
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I'd use tape, preferably Aluminum tape, sticks like s#!t and can form into a tight seal.
Hi thanks I've ordered a length from TS and see which way it would work best, not sure of the wall thickness but for £1.49 it's worth a bash

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