Another dust extraction question :)

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7 Jun 2024
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Hello! I've been lurking on this forum for far too long, with a bit of searching most of my questions have been answered. Not sure about this one!

I've got a Hammer A2-26 planer thickneser. (I should probably do a review of it - I couldn't find anything when creating my shortlist.... Putting it together was an absolute nightmare, but setting it up was fairly straightforward, and using it for the first time yesterday turning a rough old board into something silky smooth was a joy!) What wasn't a joy was realising that the my dust extractor is just not up to the job. It's an old unbranded machine that looks like a Scheppach. It pulled a few shavings up then got clogged. Shortening the flexible pipe made no difference. I suspected that it wouldn't be powerful enough and that was the case, so now to find a replacement. Before looking at LPHV options, would either of these solutions work?

I've got a Festool midi vac that is great and has a lot of high pressure suction but obviously can't deal with the volume of chips. Would connecting it to a cyclone with a 100mm pipe to the planer be a solution?

Alternatively I'm thinking about a twin motor camvac, but as they are HPLV, will it handle a planer?

Any suggestions?

A machine like that really needs a LPHV extractor. 2 HP minimum. Its putting out high volume so you need a high volume extractor. Planers also make long shavings that tend to block smaller hoses. Cyclones while being great separators and keep the filter cleaner for longer do reduce the airflow overall. I would say if you already have a cyclone then by all means give it a try but no point buying one on the off chance it may work. Save the money for the LPHV. I get by with a basic 2 HP unit with a pleated filter and 100mm hose. The planer and thicknesser are the biggest jobs it has to do but also gets hooked up to the bandsaw, tablesaw and when I am sanding on the lathe.
I have got a Scheppach HD12 on mine which is 3/4HP. It works fine, but is on the upgrade list mainly as the bag is relatively small and I seem to be changing it every 5 minutes.