need a new battery drill

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I was about to say the same about the batteries. I lent my 18v DeWalt with 2ah batteries to a guy doing some work for me (his boss was using his) and he commented how much lighter and more comfortable it was to use than his Makita with 4ah batteries. Another bonus with mine - it is both shorter and lighter because I purposely bought the one without the hammer, as I have a good mains SDS drill anyway. Do you really need the hammer? Also, for normal domestic use you don't need more than 2ah batteries ............. actually you probably don't NEED more than 1.5ah.
sunnybob":2vscsn2i said:
I seem to be falling between the cracks here.

I want a good solid drill, with lots of volts (big batteries are good because I dont use it all day every day so weight isnt an issue). But I really dont want that second impact driver. I have no use for it. All I want it a small item that will undo nuts and bolts, and small screws to save my poor hands from all that twisting.
Hi Sunnybob. I hear what you are saying.
You won't find a combi set, with what you need.

The key thing for your combi drill needs is Torque! I have a high torque, 18v Makita, with 3ah batteries. It's handles everything I've thrown at it.

So, get a high torque drill/driver, don't worry about volts (as long as it's 18v+)

Like this model: ... -body-only

(But search for a complete pack ideally)

For the smaller (stick type battery) driver, then you won't get it using the same batteries, best thing is the small Bosch professional that someone posted earlier, or a less expensive equivalent.

(I used the Milwaukee stick type small driver at a trade show once. - absolutely brilliant but eye wateringly expensive!) Maybe an erbauer one is a good compromise if the Bosch pro version is not in your desired price bracket.

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working my way through the replies......
Phil, yes, I do have a heavy duty ryobi hammer mains drill, but I dont use it unless I have a dozen or more holes to drill because it just takes too long to get it out and set up. Mostly I will need to drill less than 4 holes at any one time, so I grab the battery drill and just do it.

Droogs, that erberhaur looks interesting, but I have it in mind that its a low budget range? Is it good enough to last me? (remember its an overseas pain to get anything like this at a realistic price here and I dont want the hassle every other year.

Sammy. a good link to that makita, I have to admit a strong preference for that make. The milwaukee I have no experience with.

I have 6 weeks to wait till I get my next UK visitor (they have to courier stuff for me as a price of admission), I think I may well buy that makita.
Just remember you can’t take Li-Ion batteries on passenger planes! I think they only allow the Dewalt Flexvolt batteries because of the technology they have inside them, even then they probably won’t let you.
It's the voltage they object to, the flexvolt have a dual voltage that drops the two voltages inside the pack below the threshold limit, don't ask what the voltage is I don't know off hand, look it up and print out the document and pack with the battery.
When it comes to a cordless it has to be Makita for me. The hire shops and work sites are awash with them because they are well made and you can get parts for them easily. I’ve had mine for about 9 years (same Li Ion battery) and if it died I’d get another in a heartbeat - probably a brushless one at the moment as that seems to be the way the market is going.
I did consider rebuilding mine. The motor makes a horrendous screeching noise, but a new motor is only £15 in the UK.
But then I had to repair the chuck a while ago and the teeth no longer match. A new motor and chuck, sent to me here is well over 50 quid, and then what if the plastic gear box ring wears out a week later?

I think its going to be Makita again though.
Was it a lithium ion one Bob ? If so could you just buy a bare unit? I killed my trusty makita cordless after 10+ years. Drilling 80mm holes with it finally finished it off,I had to remove the battery and throw it in a sink full of water, it got a bit smokey !!! I've just replaced with another makita (bare unit) which I hope will will last another 10+ years. I'm yet to give it a proper test but first impressions are very good !

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I have this one now. Goes forever (hobby/diy use obvs.) It's a great bit of kit. Mine came with two batteries anyway. (Different deal probably) Bob it does everything well to my mind. (I don't need a driver either. I don't do first fix). It drills, it screws, its properly geared, I love it.
I recently restored a big vintage mortice machine. Crappy boring work really. But I dipped all the parts I could. The rest I hit with a grinder. But everything got hit with the drill and either pads or wheels or mops at some point. And all of them were in that little drill. I have a big Dewalt 240v hammer but it's for knocking down houses. Far too big to be comfortable.
This little drill, worked for hours at a stretch. Not drilling. Brushes, sanding pads... It worked for hours (on lighter work maybe but it was literally constant). . I was amazed.
Good kit.
Now thats opened a different can of worms. Why is that makita gray and black?
All mine have always been their particular shade of blue.
Is this like green bosch and blue bosch? In which case, which one is the heavy duty and which the lightweight?

My drill was an 8319D, so those batteries dont fit the new square type. Its a shame as I have 2 good batteries and charger which are now useless to me.

That small makita driver looks interesting, as long as it takes the same battery as the bigger drills.
Sorry to repeat myself, but this is why the torque is so important:

The last two links have posted "Max. Torque: 42Nm"

Whereas the one I posted has 125Nm, almost triple...

Just FYI.

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Yeah, got admit I'm getting bogged down with just how many drills makita make.
I shall have to go to a Makita dealer here and have a play before I buy from the UK.
Makita prices here are stupid. With 30% off they are still double the UK price. Thats what comes of having a sole distributer for the island, they can write their own price tags.
I can highly recommend makita also. Don't shrug the idea of the impact driver. Saves a lot on the wrist. I think screw fix have a deal on a brushless model with 2 3ah batteries.