Kitchen cupboard door replacement.

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21 Feb 2021
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Hello all,

I am after some help with purchasing a new cupboard door to match the existing doors in the kitchen, one of doors has the laminated print flaking , I have attached photos showing the issue which hopefully will be more helpful than my description.

Any help much appreciated.



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I'm afraid I dont recognise the make of door, but if it's any help , they are known as "Vinyl Wrapped" doors.
The vinyl separating from the MDF core is a well known problem in the Trade.....!
By any chance do you know who supplied the kitchen- wren howdens magnet wicks etc . If not it may be a case of visiting as many suppliers as you can in the hope of getting the exact door or you may have to settle for a close match . Also carefully check all the other doors for similar damage especially the edges . It’s not uncommon for several doors to have the same fault.
Yes and wardrobe doors as well, you may be lucky and just have one door like that, but sorry to say it’ll probably be followed by others, temporary stop gap might be to stick it down again with superglue?
Anyone tried it?
Stripping all the doors, drawer fronts & end panels and having them sprayed is definitely a good move. I've seen it done and turned out excellent. However, to simply replace a single door, tracking back via the original kitchen supplier, if that's possible, is your best bet. However, the door itself will most likely have been manufactured by a specialist door manufacturer, such as O&S Doors, which is one of the biggest in Europe.
As a last resort I would try contacting O&S or a similar outfit directly.

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