Minimax bandsaw - Strange pulsing noise then power cut out

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5 Nov 2019
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Dear all

I'm really hoping someone can help me. I am having an issue with my S45n bandsaw. It starts but after a few seconds a strange pulsing noise is coming from the upper wheel cabinet then after another few seconds the power cuts out. There is a safty cut out switch within the upper cabinet that is 'switched on' via a 'key' that is attached to the door. Close the door the 'key' engages with the switch and power is live. The noise, I think, is coming from where the switch is situated. Of course to double check is hard as once the door is opened the safety kicks in. The 'key' retracts from the switch, and the machine and noise both stop. Any ideas?


On your own head be it - this is bypassing the safety and exposing you to harm - but just unbolt the "key" from the inside of the door and push it into the switch, then you can start the saw with the door open. Do this only while you diagnose the problem, not to keep running the machine. I'd sack an operator who bypassed the safety switches to run a machine with the door open.

Safety Interlock Switches contain both a switch to detect that the key is in place and a solenoid lock that holds it in the switch while the power is on. The solenoid lock could be the thing making the buzzing noise. Why the power is cutting out and yet the machine can be restarted sounds like it's due to something else. Motor or starter ? Thermal overload tripping ?

If you don't have the electrical knowledge to diagnose the problem, there isn't much point in defeating the safety lock ...

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