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Withdrawn Record C26 Genius (SCM Minimax C26G) single-phase Universal machine for sale - £1800 or near offer


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21 Aug 2021
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Hi All,

Decided to sell my Record 4-in-1 woodworking machine. Its about 15 years old and quite well used but in pretty good condition. Record sold these, (barely) branded as a Record machine, but made by SCM in Italy as part of its minimax range. They still make it and you can see details on it here: Woodworking Universal Combination Machine Minimax C 26G - SCM. Costs around £5300 new now so this should be a bargain. You are going to need some sort of van or truck - I'd suggest hiring a truck with a tail lift unless you have a pallet truck. It's heavy. Any questions, send me a PM - including if you want to come and see it. I'm in Wiltshire.

highlights are - 10 inch planner/thicknesser with Tessa blades. No complex blade setting - just turn them round or put a new set in and off you go. 10 inch saw with sliding table with sliding extension. Twin-speed spindle moulder with block and a good selection of cutters included. All functions have separate motors and all run well. I've just replace the belt on the planer. its Single-phase and has 16amp socket, although I've always run it on a standard 13amp plug with no issues. It has a fitting to fit a tennoner, although I don't have one with the machine. It was an option I didn't get at the time.

I'd say its in good useable condition. all works just fine, some chips and it shows marks from usage and some surface rust on the spindle moulder assembly.


The planer/thicknesser has a width of 260mm / 10 inches and uses Tersa knives. These are great as you don't need to set them - you just tap them out and replace them - that's it.

cast iron tables all round and (relatively ) easy to adjust. It has a power feed to push stock through the thicknesser which is the only thing I had trouble with. Its detailed in a thread on the forum somewhere, but the feed used a spindle with rubber rings stacked on it which contacted the smooth edge of a driving wheel that drives the feed. Its a safety thing which allows slippage when really necessary. This mechanism worked fine for about six years and then the little rubber rings all disintegrated. I replaced them a total of three times. The first set lasted less than an hour. The next replacements perhaps a week or so. In the end, I re-engineered it so that the driving wheel has a rubber belt on it, and the spindle is now smooth. This has been working faultlessly ever since.


The planner uses the aluminium fence turned through 90 degrees as shown here. Sounds like a faff and always intended to make a new dedicated saw fence for it, but in reality, takes less than a minute to change. It has a aluminium blade guard on an arm that raises or lowers over the cutter.


The saw uses a ten-inch blade. I have a couple of CMT blades included. These are thin-kerf blades and I made a new thin-kerf splitter specifically for these blades, so it has two different thickness splitters. It has a sliding table to the left, and a table extension with cross-cut fence that fixes to it. This allows for cutting down pretty large panels - possibly 8x4 although I've never had the space to be able to manoeuvre them to do that.


The spindle moulder is under the fixed portion of the saw table and is wound up or down. It is a two speed moulder, changed by changing the belts. It has a separate fence that is bolted to the table when in use and has two hold downs - a horizontal and vertical. The horizontal one provides additional safety from the cutter as well as being spring loaded hold-down (in?). Its a steel plate and has some surface rust on it but doesn't stop it working.


I'm including a cutter block and eight sets of cutters


It has an integral wheeled base that allow it to be moved. You move the lever shown and it raises it about an inch so you can re-position it (note the original push stick - still intact!)


functions are changed by just changing the motor switch on the front ( rotary control between the on/off on the right and the blue 16amp socket). Blade height and angle are also set here. On the right is the control for the thicknesser feed. All three functions have their own motor and own dust port.


There's a few other bits and bobs with it - a hold down that fits the sliding table, rods to fix the arbour and the spindle when changing blades/cutter blocks, universal blade /spindle change spanner etc, dust hood for saw etc.


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