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For Sale Slotting/dado kit for Scheppach TS4010


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14 Jan 2009
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[A specialist item only likely to be of interest to owners of a Scheppach TS4010 table saw (just possibly other models, although I don't know).]

I have sold my Scheppach TS4010 and now have the slotting /dado kit that the buyer of my saw did not need.

This is the kit that was sold by Scheppach to mount a 200mm diameter 8-15mm adjustable groover/slot cutter. It transformed the versatility of the saw and I used it for various housings and extensively for finger jointing, using my Matthias Wandel screw advance finger joint jig.

I subsequently used the same kit to fit a 160mm diameter 4.0-7.5mm adjustable groover (obviously has less depth of cut). For this I got an additional rear flange for the saw and a kind forum member machined this down to accommodate the thicker central boss of this cutter set. It has proved invaluable in making fine finger joints for boxes etc.

I have decided to keep the two cutter sets i refer to above for use on my new spindle moulder/table saw.

So I am selling the Scheppach kit that comprises:
- the aluminium table insert that replaces the standard one
- the special nut that secures the cutter set
- the additional rear flange custom machined to accept the smaller cutter that I have [the cutter set is
NLS Tools Ltd part no 633-1041 160 x 4.0-7.5 x 30mm]

I don‘t think that you can get the Scheppach 8-15mm groover any more (it was actually a Leitz product) but I guess that another groover set with the same dimensions would work - the critical dimension is the thickness of the boss because of the limited length of the arbour.

If you have a TS4010, this may be of interest and I would not have been without it for mine. I have written various bits about this product as people have asked related questions in the past:
https://www.ukworkshop.co.uk/threads/scheppach-grooving-blade-for-2500ci-ts.129626/https://www.ukworkshop.co.uk/threads/dado-arbor.124273/page-3#post-1386648[Having read these, any interested buyer may have some queries which I would be happy to help with so far as i can.]

A few pictures follow (these include for info the Scheppach cutter set that is not for sale):




I would like £70 for the bits listed.


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