Travel Tool Chest / Workbench

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That's both amazing and inspiring. Thanks for sharing
Thank you
Having been slapped on the wrist myself - have you got a way of strapping it down - threading the seat belt through the box? One emergency stop (or worse) and the box could take off at 30/40 mph and cause a lot of damage to you or your tools. Would hate to see those beautiful planes ruined by a pothole or a puncture.
When I took it away last time I put a seat belt around it and that seemed to work okay (I tried tugging sharply on the box and the seat belt lock engaged). Hopefully that will be sufficient.
A first class bit of work. Well made, practical and looks bleedin great.
Thanks John
I just love this idea of a shed in a box! Some excellent design work here, lots of clever solutions to make work more enjoyable. Chapeau!
Beautiful result, and superb idea originally.

If mine, I wouldn't dare actually use it....