Agazzani NRA 600 DIY Wheel Set & Add-on Mitre Slot

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27 Oct 2022
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I posted a step by step a while ago (roughly message 19) on New Year, new Bandsaw! of fine tuning the above saw - the following next steps may or may not be of interest to a very few...

Despite their having one in most markets my UK originating example has no mitre slot in the table. (terrible skimping on what is an excellent saw in my view) It's not a big deal but was inconvenient at times to work around - so I decided to fit an add-on table extension with a mitre slot.

The direct fix would have been to mill a slot in the table, but the top doesn't have the usual local thickening to permit this.

The saw is being set up to rip long pieces for a project which because of my small workshop requires moving the saw to get enough space on the outfeed side. It's heavy at 300kg so I decided to fit a DIY wheel set with locking castors.

The table extension block is laminated from birch ply. The major complication was mounting it.

The pic of the back of the block shows the threaded inserts fitted to accept x3 pairs of M6 tilt adjustment/jacking screws - this because the cast side of the iron table is neither flat nor vertical. The projecting M6 jacking screws engage in shallow 6mm dia x 3mm deep blind holes drilled in the table flange - they do all of the location and must all be very accurately placed if the extension is to reliably be placed and stay flush with the table top.

6mm through holes were initially drilled in the block using a drill press, it was then accurately clamped in place and the holes used as guides to drill the 3mm deep dimples in the vertical face of the table casting/flange. The 6mm dia holes in the block were then counterbored and the M6 threaded inserts screwed in with epoxy, then drilled larger from the back side to countersink/clear the screw heads.

The extension block is attached to the saw table using x3 M8 cap head screws into new tapped holes in the cast iron table flange. The holes for these were drilled through the block at 6.8mm dia at the same time as the 6mm holes so that they could simultaneously be used to guide the drilling of the through holes to be tapped M8 for the screws in the table flange.

These holes in the block were then enlarged to 10mm and counter bored for the screw heads - very fiddly work given the required accuracy. (the M8 screws don't locate the extension so clearance holes (10mm dia) are fine and avoid problems caused by minor inaccuracies in at least their case)

The result is shown in the pics. The mitre slot is screwed down aluminium mitre track. The Incra miter gauge is also used on a router table. The one benefit of this arrangement is that the mitre slot can be aligned using the jacking screws to match the blade drift/line of the fence. The step to the front with epoxied in vertical M8 threaded inserts is to facilitate fitting an 18mm ply side extension table when required - e.g. for circle cutting.

The pics of the wheel set are fairly self explanatory.

The complication was to find 300kg+ locking castors of low height so that the door could be opened - even at that it was necessary to raise the door by about 8mm on its hinges to make more room.

The brackets were folded by a friendly local engineering shop with a good CNC folding press from 100x10 hot rolled flat steel - this IF the press is accurate and the operator skilled enough is much simpler than fixturing and welding up pieces. The pairs of holes in the saw base permit access to pairs M12 levelling grub screws in tapped holes. The yellow (after shot blasting and white priming) is aerosol two pack which matches the colour used elsewhere on the machine.

It all seems to work just fine....


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