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Sold PRICE DROP: Axminster Craft AC254TS Table Saw with cabinet stand and mobile base


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29 Dec 2014
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Malvern, Worcs
In very good condition with light surface marks from normal DIY use.

Comes with:
  • Axminster Cabinet Stand
  • Axminister heavy duty mobile base (400kg)
  • Unused Axminster general purpose blade as supplied with the saw
I have put on my own fence and rail system based on Steve Maskery’s excellent design. This is powder coated steel and uses a high quality toggle clamp to lock it in position. I have also added two table extensions which are laminated birch plywood. These give a rip capacity of 675mm to the right of the blade and 500mm to the left. A knee pad to turn the saw off has been mounted on the new rails. This just operates the stop button manually and no wiring has been changed.

Other than 8 x M8 tapped holes in the side of the cast iron table to mount the new rails the original aluminium fence system and right hand side and rear pressed steel extension tables can be fitted to the saw taking it back to the original specification.

My fence and side tables, as well as the original fence, rails, and extension tables are included.

I have mounted a mitre gauge holder to the cabinet stand so there are the 3 holes going into the side of the stand. No mitre gauge is included, but it has a 19mm / ¾” mitre slot.

The saw was purchased in March 2022 and has been used for DIY use only in an insulated garage. The cast iron table has been protected with machine wax.

Video of the saw starting up and the fence in action are included, but any questions please do ask.

I am only selling as I am upgrading to a bigger saw.

Collection only from Welland near Malvern.

I have had a rethink on price, so now £575, and open to sensible offers.









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