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Sold Axminster AC254TS 10" Cast Iron topped Table Saw with stand and sliding carriage - Brand New! Price Reduced


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15 Oct 2010
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Selling due to bereavement unfortunately

Axminster AC254TS 10" cast iron topped Table Saw complete with optional stand and sliding carriage.

This saw was purchased and assembled but has never cut a piece of timber so is effectively brand new and in immaculate/As New condition.

New this saw with extras would cost £1129:94 as detailed below so I think £850 is a bargain price.

New Costs Axminster AC254TS Table Saw £849:98
Axminster 106804 Saw Stand £79:98
Axminster 106805 Sliding Carriage £199:98
Total Cost £1129:94

For Sale complete for £800:00

Collection from just outside Diss in South Norfolk but local delivery could be arranged for a fee Cash on collection or bank transfer


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Just to confirm this is the 10" model of the saw, not the smaller one Axminster do
Looks good, I would have bought it however I have kity combination machine which meets my needs. I do have a surplus Axminster MT1 Mitre Cutter. £90 cash on collection, Somerset.
Very sad that it never got used…don’t suppose you tried contacting Axminster about the possibility of returning it?
Final price reduction to £800 which is £330 less than the current Axminster price.

As said before this saw is basically brand new and has never cut a piece of timber - Complete with optional sliding carriage and stand

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