Calling al Axminster TS-250M-2 saw bench owners

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For 2. It might be fixed automatically
No chance!
Problem is ive nothing to go on. No datum point i can work from.
I know, you're in a pickle! Just to get a rough idea, though, have you got a 1ft & a 2ft steel rule? Tape the 1ft one above the saw arbor & in line with the shaft as far as you can judge. If possible tape the 2ft one with one edge touching the centre line of both pivot pins. There should be 90deg between the two rules.

If that relationship is out, the only possible fixes I can think of are to re-hang the saw carrier (the rise & fall) by bodging its pivot, or to grind off & replace one of the two pins that hinge the tilt. But to get a precise result would be damned tricky, although it might be possible to fabricate a jig.

Or at least get the top square to the base then sell the bloody thing with an explanation that it doesn't do tilt. :-(