Modular, dismantlable, MFT workbench

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28 Apr 2019
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I've been working on an idea for a workbench system that can be packed right away as my workshop is in a 1950s garage and has to still take a car at times.

I have lined out the garage and attached a large French cleat along one wall. I then made a set of arms, 45 degrees braced, to hold the workbench top. My OSB lining boards are not strongly attached to the wall so I needed to add legs to the outside of the arms to avoid leverage pulling the walls down.

To fix the tops I have drilled dog holes in the arms at 96mm separation using a Parfguide. The worktops are MFT style with matching holes and I link them together with short pieces of 20mm electrical conduit.

The ends are castellated so two worktops can share the same arm, makes it nice and rigid and the MFT holes perfectly aligned.

Track saw top and full MFT done, router table next.

Inspiration from many YouTubers but special thanks to @petermillard . Also Benchdogs for the rail square and fence


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That's brilliant mate 👍 clever use of the castellation 🙂

Where did you source the ply from? I'm interested in that type of melamine / black top stuff but don't really know what it is.

Just an idea for those short if space how about having an over lay made up of 2x18mm plywood or 2" pine covering the front 12" of the mft and a 6" apron secured with a couple of dogs so that you can use hand tools.
That looks quite good material. Did you find the sheets were flat?

The MFT looks very good - thank you for showing it.

Not flat enough with a >1m span so this weekend I will be adding a skirt - with some dog holes for clamping things on edge. Not a full torsion box to avoid the weight. I would have liked to use Al extrusion but at over £100 per worktop it wasn't justifiable.

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