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Sold Workshop Downsizing - large Startrite 440R Bandsaw & Power Feeder


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29 Jan 2017
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This bandsaw was purchased as a 3ph machine to get its extra power in comparison with the 1ph equivalent.
It was marketed as having a really strong frame designed for heavy cutting with big, highly tensioned blades.

Bandwheel Diameter 440mm {cast iron}
Bandwheel speed Variable
Motor Power 3.7kw
Max cutting depth 400mm
Max cutting width 425mm
Table size 400 x 500mm
Table tilt 0 (Fixed)
Blade length 4070 – 4170mm
Blade width 6 – 50mm
Machine dimensions 1970 x 850 x 590mm
Weight 250kg

It has a 1-3ph programmable converter attached giving the ability to control startup acceleration,
run speed and rate of shut down.

The power supply is switched by the DOL starter mounted on its side.

Switching has been modified to give NVR start/stop of the motor alone.
The motor is fitted with an electro-mechanical brake. This a fail safe device meaning the brake is applied under spring force when the motor is idle. Also the access doors to the bandwheels are interlocked to prevent motor startup when they are open. This means that it should be impossible to spin the wheels when fitting and adjusting a blade. This anomaly has been overcome by an auxiliary switch which can power the brake solenoid to the brake-off state when all else is isolated.
The original 3ph switching is available should the new owner wish to reinstate direct 3ph supply.


The original guides were a ceramic design which I felt were the cause of frequent blade failures through fatigue so I changed them to these bearing guides. I have had no failures since.
Unfortunately the mounting of the new bottom guide interfered with the table tilt mechanism so that feature is no longer available.
You can see the story of the conversion in my thread.


The extraction is fitted to the upper port only. I bypassed the lower port when I realised it wasn't earning its keep; just halving the suck where it was most needed.


This Itech power feeder has been mounted on a trolley so that it can be used with the bandsaw.
I've used for running off 66m of 3 x 150mm oak veneers.

It's a 3ph, 8 speed machine (4 forward, 4 reverse). I run it off a separate 1-3ph converter which has output frequency control thus enabling a really low speed feed rate. Note that this converter is not available for sale with the feeder - unless, that is, you want to buy my Felder combo machine as well:)


There are 3 blades in addition to the 20mm fitted, a 6mm, an 8mm (both unused} and a 50mm

My price for the saw is £1000 and £300 for the feeder and £1200 for both. The buyer of the saw gets first call on the feeder .

Collection from GL19

PM me if interested

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