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Sold Startrite 352 Bandsaw


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17 Jan 2022
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Good afternoon all,

I’ve decided to put my ever trusty bandsaw up for sale due to upgrading to a 3 phase model.

The good bits

three new blades supplied by Tuffsaws
made to measure wheel base
Kreg fitted bandsaw fence, swing stop and micro adjuster ( the whole lot cost £180)
New Clarke 1HP motor which has been upgraded from the standard 0.75HP one.

I‘ve included the original motor, which was playing up at the time due to capacitor issues. I’ll enclose a new capacitor, so that you’ll have a working spare motor should you want to revert to the original motor. Although, I can’t see why you would!

the only bad bit

the on and off buttons are a bit sticky, but I have replacements ready to swap over.
needs new guides and thrust rods, or an upgrade to roller bearings.
it needs a new wire brush that sits above the bottom wheel (it fell off and got binned by accident).

when this was in service, I regularly used It to resaw 6” beams which it did with ease due to the skiptooth blades and the high torque motor. so it will handle anything that you’ll throw at it. If you want to resaw timbers, I’m would suggest that you get the 4” or 7” fence attachment as this has a curved surface, and allows you to pívot timbers to eliminate drift.
any question, just ask.

i was looking for approximately £300 and I’m based in Dereham, Norfolk. And I can deliver to anywhere in the UK at a cost of £1 per mile.

Cheers Rik


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Hi, how much is it...I've looked a few times but I'm buggered if I can see the price, also where are you please👍