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14 Oct 2011
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Holmes Chapel

I was making a door for under the stairs out of a couple of manufactured doors so it matches the rest of the house. The doors are F ing carp, veneered chipboard so, it made rebuilding a door a bit more challenging, and making it from real wood a none starter to have it match So this was were I had got to:


All that was needed was to cut the styles to size, laminate a top on and happy wife.

I then had a moments stupidity and cut to a pencil line I’d left on from other measurements


I had cut the long style in line with the bottom of the top rail not the top FFS. I will admit to having a bit of a paddy a threw the door on the floor……hence the damage😤🫣

Round 2. If anyone’s interested I will do a thread on how I do it.
Well Richard,you won't be the last to cut to the wrong line.Does that make you fell better?The positive from the experience is that you will always be paying attention to the right line in future and you get to undergo a course of error disguising too. One way of measuring progress in woodworking is that the mistakes become less frequent,they don't ever seem to go away entirely-or so they tell me!
I'll raise my hand to having done this.

If it makes you feel better, I also recently drilled 8 holes (8!!) in a customer's wall before I finally twigged it was plaster and lathe not brick, and I had to fill, paint, and redrill having located the studs with a magnet.
I just avoided sending a new bauker cordless drill back thinking it wouldn't change, 48hrs later I tried again just needed a good push to click into the charger!
I was on a job last year fitting some cabinets I had made, there was another joiner there refurbishing a large sliding sash window.

The joiner had made 2 new sashes for the window, 8 over 8, slimline double glazing, Accoya and all prefinished, I commented what a lovely job he had made of the sashes.

He stripped down the window taking out the old sashes and weights etc but when he tried the new sashes in he found he had made them 100mm too narrow 😬

He was practically in tears, I got the impression his boss would not be very happy.........

After he put the window back together and left the home owner said to me "I don't know what he was so upset about, surely he can just go back to the workshop and make 2 more?" 🙄

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