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    • GS42
      GS42 replied to the thread Setting up a plane.
      I bought a #4 Faithful a few years ago then didn’t get chance to use it for a year or two as I moved house and workshop. When I came to...
    • GS42
      GS42 replied to the thread Smartwatch for the workshop.
      I take my smart watch off before I go the workshop as I don't want the distraction, it's always on when I'm not in there though...
    • GS42
      I have a Tend Airshield Pro which I've used on and off for over a year, today the ear defenders kept popping off whenever I adjusted...
    • GS42
      GS42 replied to the thread Clifton Number 3 Plane Blade.
      From my experience the quality control at Clifton isn't what it used to be. I purchased a #4 plane earlier this year and needed to use...
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