Fitting latch in door mid rail?

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Started fitting the knobs on these today and what a PITA.

The knobs the customer has got are these
They are the type that are really well designed, you know the ones where you can't get the screws in because the knob is in the way 🙄

They are really finicky to fit, I have tried with the screws on an angle and with the screws square to the door but it's a real struggle to get them working just right, everything is fine until you give the last screw an extra quarter turn or tighten the grub screw and suddenly the knobs don't spring back. I think part of the problem is they are decent quality with no play in them so there is no give if anything is out of line. Also because of the hole placement the screws are close to hitting the latch or just spinning in the cavity around it.

Anybody fitted any of these and know something I don't?
I feel your pain ! Why do they do this. It is so common to have to struggle with door handles and stuff that when I get a proper one that works just right I am surprised.
My number one pet peeve is hardware that is pretty decent quality (and often expensive) with screws made of some sort of plated lead or something equally squishy and bendy.


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