Joke Thread 4

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Trump is on the news as producing fake pictures targetting the Afro-American community. What you may not know is that he is also working on the native American community as well.

Mr Trump and his cronies organised a large public meeting in a hall with a stage. All the local native American dignitaries were invited. Trump and co. spouted forth for about an hour and a half, during which time the large audience sat there in stoney silence, watching attentively. There was no applause at the end, just more watching and waiting. Instead, one senior elder stood up and asked permission to approach the stage. In his hand was a large carved wooden bird. Permission was granted and he walked on stage to Mr Trump.

The elder presented the wooden carving to Mr Trump. He spoke for just two minutes in which he explained that his community wanted to award Trump with this carving, which was for the award of the "Walking Eagle". Trump beamed. More stoney silence from the crowd. Shortly afterwards, Trump and co. left.

A local newspaper reporter could smell a rat. He went up to the elder who made the presentation of the bird and asked what this "walking eagle" was all about.
"Oh, that's what we call an eagle when it is too full of s**t to fly", the elder replied.