Desperate help needed with a Leigh Mortice and Tenon Jig

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3 Mar 2021
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I recently purchased this wonderful contraption and am about to put it to use. I am making 26 bar stools and have started machining. I purchased the 10mm guides two weeks ago, the Axminster website said they would be in stock within two weeks, I even called up to confirm this and everything was looking good for a delivery this Wednesday. I just chased them today to be informed they will not arrive for another 8 weeks which is massively past the deadline. I have already cut all the slots and now need to machine the tenons, does anyone have a set of 10mm guides they can lone or sell me? Ideally I need them by Friday!

Also before anyone suggests it I can not use a domino due to the size of the rails!

Please help!

Many Thanks,

Thanks Pete,

Even if they could send it, I think it is very unlikely that it would arrive by Friday. Working to a regrettably tight schedule!