Can someone explain me the knife wall method?

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27 Nov 2020
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Can someone explain me the proper use of knife wall method? It is described in Robert Wearing's book and also popularized by Paul Sellers and others.

Basically, I score a line around the board and chisel out a half V groove. Then I register my saw against the wall which should help me cut straight.

At the same time, I cannot register the saw against the wall, as the set of the saw would cut past the wall, so I have to cut just arbitrary distance away from the knife wall that I deem appropriate as not to disturb the wall with the set.

Or I can tilt the saw to cut a bit away from plumb to the outside.

So why bother with the knife wall, if I cannot register the saw plate against it?

Thank you.
If you cut vertically, with the set of the saw blade touching this wall you will have a square vertical cut. It is a convenient way for woodworking novices to achieve a good result.

Should you have a slight step, between the knife wall and the saw cut, then its a simple task to pare this away with a wide chisel registered against the knifed wall

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