Between Christmas and New Year

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niall Y

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1 Nov 2018
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Before I retired, I always took this full week off work, After boxing day there was no hurrying back to work for a few days, and then being off again on New Year's day. I used to take this opportunity to avoid my customers, unlike the rest of the year when I could easily be receiving calls just as the family was sitting down to Sunday lunch.
Being retired, I still treat these few precious days as "me time" and though life isn't now as hectic, in the next few days I'll be pootling about sorting out my old seed packets and making lists of seed from the new catalogues to buy for next year.
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I took the opposite view. Those were a few quiet days in the office when I could deal with the accumulation of those little, low priority actions.Then I could start the new year with a clear desk, ready for the onslaught of what the world might throw at me.
As above I've made use of the only 3 days this year that the school has been completely empty with no staff or holiday club I get more done in 3 days than I did last week when they were in.
I'm with @niall Y on this one, I always take the week off between Christmas and New Year, I just chill out and do stuff I normally don't have time to do. This year I spent a day building a big Lego F1 car the kids bought me for Christmas and I've spent a couple of days reorganising the workshop and building a new bench, all at a nice leisurely pace.