Bandsaw wheel tyre.

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6 Apr 2009
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Twyning, Gloucestershire.
Hi All, I recently bought two tyres for 12" bandsaw wheels (small Kity), I double checked the diameter of the wheels which were just over 300mm. I ordered the tyres and when they arrived I soaked them in warm water as per instructions but there was no way they were going on the wheels. I also noticed the width of the tyres was 20mm as opposed to the 25mm wheel. So I looked at ordering another set from a different company but noticed that all the company tyres have a 20mm width for a 12" wheel and to get a 25mm wide tyre I have to order a 14" diameter tyre! Am I missing something here? Has anyone else had a similar problem? TIA, Tim.
You'll likely never use the "rubber" at the back of the wheel...
unless it's possible to swap the wheel round on both?
Not uncommon, don't sweat that.
Have you got a clamp which spreads
Take a look at this post from Doug3030 here... save you creating an account, or perhaps waiting to get confirmation e-mail, I've saved the piccy
from Doug3030's post, (I hope he doesn't mind)



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