Kity 613 Bandsaw wheels not in line?

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Thank you for your advice everyone. I've learned that the word for the alignment of the wheels is 'coplanar' and measured them. I've discovered that the lower wheel is 3mm further in than the top wheel, which might explain my issue. I've also found a French YouTube of someone who seemed to have the same issue as me with his Kity (although the other way round) and although I didn't understand it, I could see that there is some adjustment on the back for the lower wheel, so I'll have a go at that.
Here's a photo of the whole machine with the guard off, as requested by clogs. Any further advice from people with the Kity bandsaw still welcome! I'd like to make a taller fence at some point.
Looking at the full photo of the machine,it looks the holes for removing the circlips are further away from each other in one of the wheels! Are the clips on properly?
I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned it but have a look on YouTube for the Alex Snodgrass bandsaw setup. I found it very helpful. The top and bottom wheels have never lined up on my RP bandsaw but it cuts fine.