any carvers on here...

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flying haggis

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7 Mar 2009
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Wow, see there, the death of the Internet - if you can't believe a thing you see, then what's the point?

Seriously, as a carver, that video makes me sick to my stomach
original image looks very AI generated to me, hands are usually a give away.
The fingers on the other hand bend the wrong way, like the image is cropped of a hand leaning on a desk tipped up and with the desk removed
i hadnt really seen a higher resolution image as above, original post seem low res to me but i have seen alot of generated images (my friends have some running jokes they now illustrate using this tech) and instantly got the gut feeling it was AI, but now just in the cropped example above, his glasses are way off, the hand has joined fingers, undefined knuckles, fingers just blending into confusion, his ear is off, his cuffs are undefined mixed fabrics and his watch is just not a watch. carving looks alright to be fair :ROFLMAO:
I watched this video recently, this is quite possibly an AI generated image?

That screams AI at me without even watching it. The size of the walnut grain on the base compared to the rest of the dinosaur. Either the dinosaur is tiny or it's AI. I chose the latter.