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    • Peri
      Peri replied to the thread Signing work.
      On my chessboards I use the method Stig suggested - heated brass stamp. Mine is very simple, but you can get some very detailed ones...
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    • Peri
      Peri reacted to Blackswanwood's post in the thread Show us a carving with Like Like.
      Spotted this in the Getty Center Museum …the photographs don’t do the workmanship justice…
    • Peri
      Peri reacted to spiritburner's post in the thread Digital Calipers with Like Like.
      I think unless you need Micron accuracy, which is highly unlikely, considering we're playing with Wood on this forum and it's a natural...
    • Peri
      No change from what I can see, they deliver sod all anyway, saying they won’t deliver something is just confirming IMO their standard...
    • Peri
      Peri reacted to Phil Pascoe's post in the thread This could be interesting ... with Like Like.
      It's just popped up -
    • Peri
      Peri reacted to Orraloon's post in the thread Etsy con with Like Like.
      There would be few of us making any money out of woodworking let alone a living wage. To those that do I say well done because they have...
    • Peri
      Peri reacted to Fergie 307's post in the thread Show us a carving with Like Like.
      Puts the AI mob with their, here's a life size double decker bus I carved over the weekend, to shame :)
    • Peri
      Peri reacted to user 43593's post in the thread CNC advice please with Like Like.
      It is not an absolute that the user must use the open builds site. What the site is very good for is listing the components that may be...
    • Peri
      Peri reacted to Tweedy's post in the thread Show us a carving with Like Like.
      While not a patch on the other offerings on this thread, this is my first attempt at carving aside from a few simple marks and a simple...
    • Peri
      Peri reacted to stuckinthemud's post in the thread Show us a carving with Wow Wow.
      I promised myself I would never do another one of these but my better half had other ideas. It took about 100 hours of picking...
    • Peri
      Peri replied to the thread Show us a carving.
      ‘The Release from Deception' (1754) by Francesco Queirolo
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    • Peri
      Peri reacted to Doug71's post in the thread Dining table WIP with Like Like.
      I do enjoy a WIP, we need more stuff like this rather than the pages of off topic arguments which we get at the moment. @danst96 Thank...
    • Peri
      Peri replied to the thread Dies for press..
      From my experience case hardening is more trouble, more expensive, and the results aren't as good as just buying and using O1. Cromwell...
    • Peri
      Peri reacted to flh801978's post in the thread Dies for press. with Like Like.
      Just use silver steel easily hardenable..
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